Quozl's Open Source

Quozl works in outback Australia as a firmware and test engineer for a non-profit in Miami that makes laptops for children, and for a telescope as a telescope operator, operations technician, and software specialist.

Quozl worked on Open Firmware (IEEE 1275-1994), which uses the Forth programming language. For many years Quozl maintained the version that is used on the One Laptop per Child computers, the most complete and extensive version ever.

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Articles by Date

2022-11-19C Forth for PlatformIO
2022-09-25IP over serial on Raspberry Pi
2022-04-17Fund Me
2022-03-12C Forth build flow
2021-12-09Hector Spectrograph
2016-12-06Netrek - Vanilla 2.19.0 released
2016-10-20Embedded.fm on Forth
2014-08-11C Forth for Teensy 3.1
2013-08-31Revalidating PIC 16F84 tools
2012-10-23Gytha 0.9 released
2011-10-18Netrek Client COW 3.3.1 released
2011-06-18Netrek - Vanilla 2.18.0 released
2011-06-03NetComm V100 VoIP ATA lost password fix
2010-09-02Netrek - Vanilla 2.17.0 released
2010-02-05Desk Charger Timer
2009-12-24IP over AX.25
2009-09-01Netrek - Vanilla 2.16.0 released
2009-08-12Signal Strength Meter
2009-05-19/dev/port to /dev/parport0
2009-05-18Kernel Patching to Fix Audio Socket Electrical Damage
2009-05-17Telstra ZTE F165 HSDPA Mobile Phone on Linux
2008-10-31Usage Monitoring of a UHF CB Repeater
2008-10-15Starting APRS on Linux
2008-10-14Rain Gauge Restoration
2008-07-16Netrek Client COW 3.2.4 released
2008-07-08Copy In Place
2008-07-07Xtank 1.3f for 800x600
2008-04-16Human Interrupt Request Lines
2007-12-27DVB-T on Linux in Australia
2007-10-19Order Queue Display
2007-10-14One Laptop Per Child
2007-07-26af-ping, an audio frequency ping
2007-07-20Tooraweenah Wireless
2007-04-02Build your own UPS
2007-01-09Maxon BP3-USB 3G Wireless Modem on Linux
2006-09-02Radio & Electronics School
2006-08-12Light Switch
2006-02-22PPTP Client GUI
2006-02-20tcpxd - Another TCP/IP Generic Relay
2005-10-25apt-walkabout, a take-away APT cache
2005-09-14LK450-AA and LK46W-A2 Keyboard Maps
2005-08-03Outback Two-way Satellite on Linux
2005-06-12Alarm Clock
2005-06-09Music Compositions
2004-11-02CDMA 1x RTT on Linux
2004-07-17Distributed Compressloop
2004-06-21Prepaid Accounting
2004-05-07Netscape Communicator to Evolution Mail Conversion
2004-04-13Tandy 102 TCP/IP Draft Implementation
2003-10-12Script-Friendly TCP/IP Server Tester
2003-05-15Psuedo-Random LED Flasher
2002-12-23Pump Controller
2002-12-22Uniden UH-040XR Interfacing
2002-12-06Netrek Vanilla Server 2.9pl8 Released
2002-07-16Irrigation Controller
2002-03-26Netrek Australia
2002-01-13Temperature Sensor
2001-12-16Kitsrus Telephone Call Logger
2001-11-26GTK+ Focus Watch
2001-10-19Linux Speedometer, Odometer, and Trip Computer
2001-09-04Issues List
2001-04-23Netrek Vanilla Server 2.9pl7 Released
2001-04-03Avoiding Microsoft Systems
2001-03-05PIC 16F877 Uptime
2001-03-03Emu Fat Monitor
2001-02-20PIC 12C509 Stack Math Package
2000-12-11Linux PIC Programming
2000-11-17Farmwide Advanced Internet
2000-11-14Linux Halt Beep
1999-12-29PIC 16F84 to 12C509 Porting Checklist
1999-07-11Videopad Base Station Protocol Daemon
1999-07-07Technical Aid to the Disabled Projects
1999-02-18Remote Weather Station using Tandy 102 Laptop
1999-02-01Netrek Vanilla Server Administration GUI