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LK450-AA and LK46W-A2 Keyboard Maps

Linux X-Windows Programming
In December 2000 Quozl wrote up how to use Digital Equipment Corporation LK450 or LK46W keyboards with Linux. The kernel has changed since then, but the keyboards still work.

for use with kernel 2.6.9 and later, with setkeycodes, which enables the keys otherwise not known by the kernel, for Intel Linux, for Alpha Linux. To use an xmodmap file, give it to the xmodmap program as the first argument. For example, add xmodmap lk450.xmodmap to your .xsession file.

Why bother? It lets Quozl run emacs in EDT emulation mode, allowing his source editing to follow hindbrain original programming, without having to learn new keystrokes just to get going.

(14 September 2005)