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NetComm V100 VoIP ATA lost password fix

How to reset the password on a NetComm V100 VoIP ATA:
  • in an antistatic workplace, remove the front rubber feet, remove the two screws, separate the bottom from the top by 5mm, then exert about 300g of backward pressure on the bottom; it will separate from clips at the back,

  • remove the PCB and place on workbench, locate the four serial port header pins, between the two largest chips, (or imagine a line drawn from the ethernet socket to the WAN LED; the header is half way along that line),

  • attach a 3.3V USB serial adaptor to the header pins, pin 2 is ground, pin 1 is transmit data from the ATA, the pin adjacent to pin 1 is receive data to the ATA, and the pin adjacent to pin 2 is a 3.3V supply from the ATA,

  • configure a terminal program for 115200 baud, and power up the ATA, lots of text will appear,

  • wait for the User name prompt, then hit enter twice, and a [root @ home]$ prompt will appear, like this:
    User name: MAX_VOICE_CHANNELS:3
    Password: [root @ home]$ 
  • type auth to enter the user configuration mode,
    [root @ home]$ auth
    [root @ auth]$ 
  • add a new user, in the example below the user is qz
    [root @ auth]$ adduser qz -o -services cli -permissions admin
    Enter password: qz
     User Name Succefully Added.
    [root @ auth]$ listusers
    1          root                                HTTP CLI FTP    - ADMIN
    2          qz                                  CLI             - ADMIN
    [root @ auth]$ exit
  • save settings to flash
    [root @ home]$ save
    save: codectype = 0, dsp = 0
    COUNTRY is 6
    **********[Current Flash used is 5739bytes(MAX is 16384bytes)]**********
    Configuration saved successfully
  • power cycle the ATA, then try to telnet to it with the new username, and explore the configuration options.
      (03 June 2011)