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Quozl works in outback Australia as a firmware and test engineer for a non-profit in Miami that makes laptops for children, and for a telescope as a telescope operator, operations technician, and software specialist.

Quozl worked on Open Firmware (IEEE 1275-1994), which uses the Forth programming language. For many years Quozl maintained the version that is used on the One Laptop per Child computers, the most complete and extensive version ever.

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Revalidating PIC 16F84 tools

PIC Microcontrollers Linux C Programming
Ye ol' doorbell was uncovered in a lab cleanup, and one wondered if it was still possible to program it after six years. Also, checking out the move from assembler to C.

(31 August 2013)


PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl needed a doorbell pulse extender, to make sure that when people press the button the noise will occur for a defined time, and pressing the button again won't trigger it again. The circuit is a very simple use of a PIC microcontroller.

(18 September 2006)

Light Switch

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl needed another night light in the kitchen, so used a couple of bright LEDs and a control circuit connected to a motion detector.

(12 August 2006)

Alarm Clock

Electronics PIC Microcontrollers Linux
Quozl was sick of his old alarm clock and made a new one, easier to use, much more intelligent, but above all heaps of fun.

Update: a schematic diagram for the project.

(12 June 2005)

Psuedo-Random LED Flasher

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl made a little gadget to cause visitors to ask what it was. Just one cheap microcontroller chip, an LED, and a power supply. Updated to include schematic and PCB instructions.

(15 May 2003)

Pump Controller

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Drought in outback Australia, so Quozl made a solar powered pump controller to pipe water from a well 2km away to his house. A 40-pin microcontroller used to control a pump ... overkill, but fun.

(23 December 2002)

Uniden UH-040XR Interfacing

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl wanted to interface a PIC to a UHF CB.

(22 December 2002)

Irrigation Controller

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl has developed a very simple rotary irrigation controller for his vegetable garden. Used to replace one water valve with three, it allowed the re-use of cabling to a valve location.

(16 July 2002)

Temperature Sensor

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics Linux
Quozl has developed a temperature sensor circuit for computers to monitor temperatures, but with sufficient intelligence on the circuit so that it can be used with any computer that had a serial port.

Update: released source code for the microcontroller program under the GNU Public License.

(13 January 2002)

Linux Speedometer, Odometer, and Trip Computer

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics Linux C Programming
Implemented on a 386/25 8Mb DECpc laptop, this Linux application attaches to a PIC 16F84 microcontroller which is then attached to a vehicle speed sensor. The program displays current speed, distance travelled, and allows the marking of waypoints and the calculation of distance to the next town.

Update: adjustments for higher sampling rates, and a schematic contributed by a reader.

(19 October 2001)

PIC 16F877 Uptime

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl continues work on his PIC parameter passing stack, building some more general purpose modules within the architecture. This example program includes modules for LCD display access, vectored execution and binary coded decimal conversion.

(5 March 2001)

Emu Fat Monitor

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics Linux Social
The outback emu farm up the road had a dodgy freezer. Quozl used his temperature sensor for remote monitoring, using a pair of decrepid modems as lightning protection. Read all about it.

(3 March 2001)

PIC 12C509 Stack Math Package

PIC Microcontrollers
Quozl wrote a stack math package for the PIC 12C509 processor. The code contains contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and division code for 16-bit signed integers, using a first in last out data stack based on the FSR and INDF registers. It aims for efficiency of file register space rather than code space efficiency. Full documentation is in the source file.

(20 February 2001)

Linux PIC Programming

PIC Microcontrollers Linux
Modifications to the Prog84 package to support 24C65 serial EEPROMs, and the various David Tait style programming boards.

(11 December 2000)

PIC 16F84 to 12C509 Porting Checklist

PIC Microcontrollers
A checklist of things to look out for when porting code from a PIC 16F84 microcontroller to the smaller, cheaper, PIC 12C509.

(29 December 1999)

Technical Aid to the Disabled Projects

PIC Microcontrollers Electronics
Quozl works as a technical volunteer for Technical Aid to the Disabled. PIC Microcontrollers were used in the projects to reduce cost and complexity, and Linux was used extensively.

(7 July 1999)