Quozl's Doorbell

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18th September 2006


A microcontroller driven doorbell circuit with features:



Note: this schematic predates the changes made for the printed circuit board, so some of the output port pins are incorrect. The PCB and the microcontroller source code are consistent.

Timing Logic

Printed Circuit Board

Note: the board is intended for other purposes, so it is not excessively optimised. The component numbering doesn't match the schematic.

Source Code


Using Darcs

Darcs is a distributed revision control system by David Roundy designed to replace centralised CVS. The source is provided via darcs to encourage contributions.

install darcs : apt-get install darcs
checkout initial copy : darcs get http://quozl.linux.org.au/doorbell
(this creates a directory doorbell in your current directory)
propose a change : darcs record
darcs send

(this sends a mail to me with your changes)
update : darcs pull
(this updates your directory with changes made by me and others)

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