Quozl's Granite Communications Videopad VP5 Base Station BS5 Daemon for Linux

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11th July 1999

vpd - Granite Communications Videopad Base Station BS5 Daemon

Videopad Test Programs

Although not being made available here, the test programs were:

Videopad Application Development on Linux

The application development environment for the Videopad product is called TOUCH-C, and is a C compiler and linker developed by Microtec Research. The tools provided function adequately on MS-DOS, and work fine under version 0.66.7 of dosemu, the Linux DOS emulator. The MCCM77 compiler causes a segmentation violation on 0.98.0 onwards of dosemu.

Quozl would like to hear from anybody developing applications on Videopads with Linux, so as to share experiences. Please send mail.

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