Quozl's PIC 16F877 Pump Controller

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A simple pump control timer. Based on the uptimer. Counts seconds, minutes, hours and days of uptime and displays it on an LCD panel. Updates once a second.

At 00:01:00 each day, starts a pump if it is wet and the supply voltage is above a low point, and continues to run the pump until either it runs dry, or two hours have expired.


This project was built on veroboard with a Dontronics DT106 PCB anchored to it. The DT106 had a PIC 16F877 and a 4MHz crystal. Schematics for the DT106 are on Don's page, at http://dontronics.com/dt106.html. I made no significant modifications to his PCB.

A later version of this was fitted with a radio transceiver interface.






(Image produced using gnuplot's with steps phrase.)

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