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11th December 2000
Prog84 is Linux PIC programmer, and it includes support for programming serial EEPROMs as well. It was developed by Wim Lewis and is currently maintained by Frank Damgaard.


25th January 2001
Michael Durller issued this revision saying "compile under linux 2.4.0, added checksum support, fixed the config reg definitions (so all the flags work now) and fixed the verify function. Well, the verify does not check the vendor ID but who cares. heh heh. ;-) oh, I killed the segfault if your not root bug also."

12th December 1999
Note: this has been tested. The patch removes support for 16F84 and substitutes support for 12C508 and 12C509. The patch was derived from careful reading of the programming specification, and included the recent (1999) change to the number of programming pulses.


Someone else has the job of keeping a list of Linux based PIC programmer code: http://www.gnupic.org/i_burn.html

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