Quozl's streaming server for ABC TV via DVB-T

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Here is how to setup a streaming video server for ABC TV for a home in Australia.

Looks like there are simpler ways to do it, but this way got me the underlying components individually tested. I also learned how it works, rather than treat it as a black box.

Next time I do this, I'll ask for an OEM card. The rest of the package is an annoying waste.

A Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) is a transport stream (TS) consisting of multiple audio and video streams. DVB-T is terrestrial, meaning transmitted from an antenna nearby. A "channel" as understood by a consumer is whatever streams are required to show a television programme.

Parts List

Order a second or third TV Tuner card if you need to capture the transport stream from more than one broadcast. Putting it another way, each TV Tuner card can tune to a particular radio frequency, and in my area ABC TV is on one frequency, SBS TV is on another, and WIN TV is on a third. To receive multiple ABC TV channels at the same time you only need one TV Tuner, but to receive two different broadcasts you need two TV Tuners.

Hardware Assembly

Discard or store the rest of the crap in the box, the software CDs, the remote control, the cable for the remote control, and the complimentary AAA batteries.

Server Software Assembly

Client Software



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